Company Bharat Forge DAUN


BHARAT FORGE DAUN supplies its customers with mechanically processed serial parts, tools, dies and fixtures for the manufacture of chassis and engine components as well as products for the agricultural and construction machinery industry and for railway engineering.

Tool-making includes the production and reprocessing of dies for hot-working using cutting-edge technologies.

The in-house fixture construction, including three–dimensional manufacture, provides testing and clamping fixtures for industrial applications. For this, we exploit the benefits of a closed CAD/CAM chain and the experience of all production divisions.

During the mechanical processing, highly complex hybrid parts are made on automated production lines.


With more than 30 years of experience and technological expertise, and as a global player in the supply and forging industry, our management team has proven its excellence.

Andreas Leif 
Plant manager

Unternehmen Bharat Forge DAUN